Release Year: 2016
Genres: hentai anime smplace

Iris wakes up bound with her legs and arms spread. She sees Mei looking over her and the girl tells her she is mistaken, her name is Riruru. Iris doesn't believe her. She laughs at Iris and tells her that she is well suited for being a sex slave. The table she is bound to is a "Reconstruction Operating Table". It can modify Iris's body to accept certain customers. Riruru cuts off her bra and panties and tells her that she will teach her about woman's pleasures. She sits down and uses a control pad to select a dildo machine and it enters her pussy. Riruru licks her lips as the dildo starts to fuck her cunt. The dildo goes into her womb and starts fucking it making Iris cum.

Iris wakes up and Riruru gets on top of her grabbing her boobs and then fingers her pussy tasting her cum. She mentions that her first customer is waiting and he's into some weird fetishes. Iris dresses and is in the room wearing her flight suit. The nasty guy her breasts and she starts to wet her suit with pee. The guy notices it and starts to rub her wet cunt and places his cock over the stain. He makes Iris get on her knees and pisses right into her mouth covering her suit in pee. He wants his cock cleaned and she sucks him off. He uses a cutter that removes the suit from her pussy area then starts to fuck her hard. She is bound to a table with her butt raised in the air as she gets banged then he pumps a load right into her cunt.

Iris now has to prepare for her next customer. Riruru mentions on a speaker in the room he's a Oktoreron. A hooded, small figure comes into the room. Dumping off the hood, this creature is all ! Iris is then thrown into the air and grabbed by the ! It r*pes her breasts covering them in slime. Riruru mentions over the speaker that he is a valued customer and he can do anything he wants. Two with teeth grab onto her nipples and then her suit is ripped open and three of the them enter her pussy moving right up to her wombs entrance. Two more enter her asshole and fuck her. The creature uses another one in her mouth and all her holes are filled. It shoots off a massive amounts of cum into her body!

Bozuk and Riruru are watching the r*pe on a big screen. With Riruru sitting on his lap he offers her his cock. She starts to suck it as he tongues her pussy. He then brings out his flower cock and she sits down on it. He fucks her while Iris hears moaning coming from the room. Watching, Iris starts to touch her own pussy making herself cream as Riruru is getting fucked. Bozuk enters her asshole as both girls cum! Riruru goes to Iris's room and tells her that she knows she was watching them have sex and she will tell Iris a secret!

Format: mkv (Matroska)
Duration: 26:00
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264)

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