Release Year: 2016
Genres: hentai anime smplace

Iris is now on a table bound with her legs spread. She notices that Bozuk and Riruru are above her. He mentions that her pussy has been "enlarged" for her next customer. She asks why and they leave. A massive giant enters the room and likes what he sees. Iris tells him there's no way this will work out and he starts to finger her pussy and it stretches! He licks her cunt with his tongue then takes his massive cock and pumps it in and out of her pussy. The cock is stretching her to limit as he pumps her faster. He pops a massive load in her cunt as she is hanging from his arms like a doll.

Iris wakes up and notices her stomach is back to normal. Riruru says that she fixed her body back to the way it was. She is knocked out by a needle and wakes up in-between two rooms. One has the front of her body and the other has her lower body. It's a free for all and alien guys r*pe her mouth and each guy shoots a load down her throat. In the other room, a huge monster starts to her pussy and ass then sticks its cock inside her cunt. The forc* of the monster fucking her cause the aliens fucking her mouth to cum even faster. The monster then unleashes and massive amount of inside her pussy and floods it with cum while another fucks her ass. Iris can't help it has starts to cum from the r*pe on both her holes.

Iris is back in her room and tries the door. It's unlocked like Riruru said and she goes into the control room. Riruru meets up with her and she thinks it's a trap. Riruru loves her and wants her to be free but Bozuk enters the room and tricks Riruru into sucking his cock cause she is addicted to it. Bozuk mentions that Riruru is really Mei!! She was sold to him right before Iris was but her Elf mind switched her personality to Riruru in order to accept being a sex slave. Riruru sucks his cock as Iris watches. He can't let Iris go and she wants to fuck him also. She brings him the package Mei gave her but cuts off his arm holding the remote for her necklace and destroys the remote. Mei passes out as Iris holds her saying they will be recused as her mech squaderon approaches the compound.

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Duration: 27:34
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264)

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