Release Year: 2016
Genres: hentai anime smplace

The Armored Knights led by Iris, Mei and other female crew members descend to a planet in their mech suits. They are ambushed by another military forc* on the planet and are separated. Iris's suit is damaged and she leaves her mech suit wondering where her team is. The suit explodes sending her to the ground.

Iris wakes up in tank of water with a hooded figure looking at her. In the city, a auction is going on with naked cat girls and other types of females. Iris is brought out on display to the crowd of bidders. She is naked on he stage and the announcer says she's a virgin. The crowd doesn't believe him and he makes Iris spread her ass and pussy to the crowd. Some of the people from the crowd start to her with their cocks. She forc*bly starts sucking an aliens cock as she jacks off another one. With Iris getting on the stage, thin rub her pussy making it cum. Each one of the aliens pops it's load onto her body. She is then sold to a buyer and Iris wonders if Mei ended up here also.

At a compound outside of the city, Iris approaches a room dressed in lingerie. A huge, nasty monster named Bozuk is now her owner! He educates her by pressing a button on a remote that controls a collar around her neck causing a massive burst of electricity to go off sending her to the ground. She starts to pee her panties and Bozuk uses his long tongue to her breasts and makes her lick his huge . She sucks it as her tits get covered in slime! Bozuk makes her masturbate herself and talking dirty to him. He plays with her clit and then starts fucking her with its . He cums deep inside her womb and pulls out. Iris starts to rub her pussy as cum flows out. He then shows her why she is acing so horny. His cock splits showing it's head. It's has the effect of "Ecstasia" with is a potent drug that makes her super horny. He starts fucking her with his huge cock. Iris can't help being fucked by his massive cock and rides it until she cums. He swallows Iris into his flower cock and pumps a massive load into her. With the effect of drug Iris falls to the floor. A woman walks towards her saying that this antidote will save her. She looks exactly like Mei as Iris passes out.

Format: mkv (Matroska)
Duration: 26:49
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264)

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