Release Year: 2016
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Sara is still tied up and Sylia enters the room. Her hands are bound behind her back and Sara wants them to work together to get out of the castle. Sylia falls towards the wall and there's a dildo under her clothing. The Duke put it on her and her cock pops out from her crotch!!!! She has been given a cock and the dildo vibrates every couple of minutes. Sylia agrees to Sara plan.

Carib is a resort planet and the guards from the castle are walking Sara, who is now dressed in a skimpy bikini on the beach. They start to her in front of tourists and pour oil over her body. The guys all take out their cocks and announce that this is Sara, the pirate and they will fuck her. The crowd watches as Sara starts to suck their cocks and one guy tit fucks her. They all cum on her breasts and face. She receives a call from Hans telling her he's looking for a way into the castle and that she should hold on.

At a party outside, Sara is in a cage with a massive lizard creature. The Baron and the Twins are watching with their guests as Sara tries to run away but gets caught. The lizard sticks it's massive huge cock right into her pussy from behind and starts to fuck her. Sylia is watching this perverted display also as Sara is lifted up by the lizard. The cock is buried deep in her womb and her belly starts to move with the cock. The lizard cums and her belly expands to accommodate the huge load. All of a sudden the forc* form the cum lifts Sara clean off his cock and sends her flying into the air and she lands on the ground where a river of sperm drains out onto the floor. Sara then has an idea to by time and accepts the lizards erect cock again and tells the Duke that his is smaller. She fucks the lizard again and he cums filling up her stomach again. She pushes the white cream from her cunt onto the floor.

Back in the castle, the Twins have Sylia on the bed with her legs spread. They make Sara give her a blowjob and she uses her massive tits to milk the cum out of her cock that spurts right in her face. The Twins then take the two girls and chain them so they are hanging and they stick Sylia's cock into Sara's cunt. The girls start to fuck and one of the Twins puts a dildo in each girls asshole. Both girls cum from the shock and the Twins laugh as Sara grows a huge cock of her own!!

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