Release Year: 2016
Genres: hentai anime smplace

In dark streets, a girl is being chased by city guards. They open fire on her with guns and a rocket launcher and using a shield she deflects their fire. They are shocked! It's the pirate Sara Scorpion! A light from the sky hits the ground near her and another knight appears. It's Sylia Von Bernstein! She warns the guards to stand back and that she will handle this. The two girls fight and Sara tells her she came for her. A massive battleship is overhead and fires its cannon. Sylia blocks the shot with her shield and most of her clothing gets burnt off in the process. She can't hold out and passes out but saves the city. Her first officer, Hans tells her it was foolish to risk her like that.

With their ship in space, Sylia is tied up and has two nasty looking squire guys start to her body. They tear off her shirt showing her massive tits. On guy whips her as the other gets two electro-massage wands and uses them on her tits. The other guy her as she gets shocked from the prods.

Sara is meeting with Blankenheim. He congratulates her on a good job. Sara asks where she is right now and he responds she is with his sons right now. Sara says: "So, she's being drowned in cum, then?" He laughs. What Sara is after her reward, The Sword of Bernstein. He says it's in a tower and hands her a data pad. He takes her hand wanting her to join his kingdom or to be his noblewoman. Hans puts a sword to his throat and she refuses.

Several weeks later, Sara's battleship approaches the Planet Carib. Her and her crew are looking for a way into the tower. They get ambushed by robots and try to fight but the Twins appear over their heads and knock Sara out. With Sara bound to a wall, the Twins start to touch her nipples and her crew enters the room. The Twins want to play a game and they will let them live if the all abuse Sara and cum three times each. Her crew start to gangbang her cunt and asshole. She sucks on their cocks and gets load after load onto her body as the Twins watch. Once they are done, Blankenheim enters the room with Sylia on a chain!

Format: mkv (Matroska)
Duration: 26:04
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264)

File size: 306.0 MB