Mitsui Yuichi - the most that neither is an ordinary student. He moved out of his parents' home to go to university and now lives alone.
The girls had no ... he's crazy about her younger friend.
"If this continues, and further, I perestuplyu forbidden line" these thoughts and Yuichi made to select from a distant university home to keep his distance from her younger friend.
However, one day the summer holidays on the doorstep Yuichi appears his favorite friend.
After two years younger friend not only has remained the same sweet, but also acquired a magnificent bust, a wasp waist and firm ass.
Khan - was the name of the owner of this body of unearthly beauty. But it has one drawback.
And this deficiency is that ... it is outrageously stupid.
Just three steps and now she has completely forgotten everything learned. Most of the characters she simply can not read, and a control panel with more than three buttons, and she does not know how to use.
Yuichi decided to embark on the bumpy road, just to teach wits little friend, which otherwise the way ordered in normal society

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