Release Year: 2016
Cast: Amber
Genres: Solo, Masturbation

Hey Fans of FTV- Here goes my blurb. I will set the tone for you. I am sitting in my cam room (room just for my videos/pics/masturbating/internet surfing) I am my favorite juice in the world, a Venti iced latte from Starbucks, and listening to The Police! So hi, I am Amber! Amber Hahn. Or Just Amber. Whatever you wish to call me! I answer to most things! LOL. I am so happy that you are checking out my update for FTV. You will notice it was quiet the adventure. As I was detained by the police- blah blah blah.. But this section is about me!! : ) And well, I am a woman so I am happy to type about myself!
Lets see.... I am Amber, ( oh, I said that. Hahaha and you can see the title of my update) I am 25 years of age... ( I am getting old, I know this) and I reside in Arizona- Originally a beach bum from the NE coast of Florida!! I moved here 2 years ago because I wanted to be somewhere new- somewhere far away. And I already lived in California and I hated it!! San Diego to be exact.. Lol. I moved there at 19 and didn't have a car, wasn't of age, and was not at all a liberal, so I lasted for 6 months and that was that! I do love the desert living, although miss the water all the time- I miss the rain like crazy! The weather today is really nice, 75! Tomorrow will be 90. Hahah. If you have never visited this state, do it! I know you will enjoy it! So much to do! Spring Training, hiking, Havasu Falls, and The Grand Canyon (to name a few), which is cool as fuck! Okay. I went a few months ago, it was snowing- and I consumed an edible, () edible... And I was so paranoid I was going to fall into the canyon. Which lead my to wiki search on how many people have died at the Canyon, google it!!!
When I am not busy shooting pics and videos or being on my webcam, I am a single "homemaker". Spending time in my home and doing things with my 'earth space' is genuinely what makes me the happiest! I am not at all introverted, I love people very much! But your home is your home! It is what you make it! So spending my energy in my home is never a waste of time; cooking, cleaning, decorating, rearranging, cleaning, cooking, laundry, new bedding, cleaning.. Hahah. These are the things that truly make me happy! There really is NO place like home. Although I just rent- and one day hope to own, home is what you make it! All of my family is still in Florida- which is sorta fine with me, it is nice to have distance, makes the heart grow fonder?! I have 2 , Beardsley and Lasagna.. Hehe. A morkie and maltipoo. They are cool. Small - they don't shed or anything which is awesome! They are both almost 2 years old. Hahah. They are my soul mates. Having a will change your life! If you don't have a , get a .
A few of my "hobbies" I guess would be, gardening!!! I have a garden! I love to garden! When I was younger, in high school, 7th-10th grade I was in a program called "FFA", do any of you pervs know what that is!? Future Farmers of American, which isn't PC, so they can't call it that anymore.. I will get to the PC bull shit soon... So I raised hogs, chickens, and cattle for the fair and state fair... And I absolutely loved it! It was a lot of fun for me. To live on the land, to use earth to survive.. So today, I live in a neighbor hahah, where I cannot exactly have a hog, so I do gardening. I started with regular vegetables, but these damn field mice really like fresh stuff, since it is the desert. So I now grow herbs! Which was the best decision! The rodents are turned off to the strong scent of herbs. I have a nice grow box and grow approx 20 different herbs! Thyme, parsley, sage, lavender, mint, lemon balm, rosemary, etc.. Herbs are so expensive in the grocery store, yet grow year round, do not need constant watering, and are used in hundreds of ways! They are earths medicine! I now make my own tinctures or essential oils! You literally take the herb, soak it in juice for a few weeks, and boom. Essential Oil!!!! I also infuse my own body oils and lotions! Another thing that I do with my home grown herbs- with the help of the farmers market, is to can. I love canning foods.. Which is just home preserving. I am not one of those dooms day preppers, but I love to make my own tomato sauce, pickles, jams, and salsas! Oh, and bbq sauce. Dudes, I am from Florida, I am a southern girl! I can bbq! I actually have a smoker, a Traeger and it makes the best BBQ that you have ever had in your life!! Ughhhhhh. Fuck. I used to sew, but did not move my sewing machine out with me.. So I still need to get another! Lol... I don't do any of this for reasons other than I enjoy being self sufficient. PS...** 7-10th grade, I graduated High School the last day of 10th grade.. No shit!Haha, I don't want to say I was awesome, but I cared very much about my government education and excelled, so I graduated without going to the 11th or 12th grade! Hahah. No prom for me! I never ever fucked in high school, thank god!
On the PC.. Politically Correct side. I am very invested in politics. I love politics.. I loveeeeeee it. I keep my eyes on the tv 12 hours a day. I do. I watch them all, I read them all. I just love it! I am so enthralled by this election, holy shit! What a year to be a voter! Haha. This will be my first President voted in.. Well, I voted against Obama last election. But my first new president as a tax paying citizen! So excited. Yuuge year if you know what I mean ; ). Ted Cruz totally cheated, I love it! Hahah. Anyways, i fucking love politics. I ran for office when I was 18, county commissioner, I made it onto the ballot, got all of my petitions signed, but wasn't a very serious person at that age.. So sorta dropped out, but was on the ballot anyways! Was cool. I would love to do it again. Idk how much my past would matter!!!!
My future... Well, like I mentioned above, I recently turned 19 cough cough. Haha, no I am 25.. I cannot believe that! I like have to be a real adult now and shit.. Whoa. So back to topic! In the next few years, I would truly love to be married. I would Love to start a family! I really want that for myself. To be a mom would be the ultimate job.. As I mentioned I am single, so I need to find someone to engage me first! Hahahahah. And then someone to marry me.. And then to knock me up! On a naughty note, I really do love talking about getting cream pied, because it is natural! Hahah, it is life! I look forward to the next chapter in my life! My birthday was just a few months ago.. So I have the rest of the year to do whatever with... I would really love to visit Hawaii again, as it is my most favorite place on earth! (not that I have been many places, lol). I used to travel quite a lot, around the US and Canada-for concerts and friends and to get away.. Like I said, I am growing up, and saving my money and trying to be more settled. God, did I used to party! Lol. Woo. Thinking about young Amber is too funny, but we were all there! Right!?!? Man. Hahahaha I am legit at myself and the things I did.. Women. Young women, girls. I did the drugs, fucked the famous guys, had no cares, but there is just nothing solid or pure in that! I can write this and say I am really happy with where I am today!!!!! I am happy to shoot porn! Lol. Solo porn! I have a blast preparing for shoots and thinking of ideas for videos.... Anyways.. Have you read this!? Did you actually read this?! Haha if you made it this far... I am currently watching Seinfeld for the first time in my life omfgggggg. Whoa. Best show in the entire world. Holy shit. Cosmo Kramer is my man crush. Ohh. Kramer! Heart Eyes! Lol. Thanks for reading a bit about my organic, hippie, pornagraphic lifestyle! Lol I do hope that you enjoy my First Time Video!! I had blast shooting it!!! Sorry I am not super fetishy. However, I am the woman that will fuck your brains out after your stressful day at work and make you the best damn dinner you've ever had. Xoxoxox

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