Release Year: 2008
Genres: Female Teacher Big Tits 3DCG Animation
Video language: Japanese

The 3D movie story that can peep at the foolery that is Sex of the Bijinjo Teacher by a monitoring system. You peep into shiseikatsu which is Sex of Bijinjo Teacher projected in the viewpoint of the chief character by a monitor. The Female Teacher of the heroine is expressed in the 3D which is Riaru in Birei, and play foolery in smooth Animation only by the 3D of the So.

Kensuke Sano who moved in to one room of the apartment which was the possession of the late oldster the other day. There was a monitor system installed by an oldster in this room. Why did make such a system? Interesting Kensuke switches on the system while thinking in a question. It was shinsugata of the important young woman of the room of the So to have been projected there. How shall use this happy system? Kensuke stares at the sleeping face of the So while considering it. A sleeping face of the new class teacher "Nanami Midori" which is to introduce itself on the platform of the class of Kensuke tomorrow….

Format: MPEG
Duration: 12:00
Video: 800x600, MPEG-1, 4882kbps
Audio: 187kbps

File size: 452.1 MB