The Sublime and gorgeous Goddess Wanda just arrived to farm today to realize that her slave has not obeyed her command and has not finished his assigned job. A punishment is in order.However, she does not want to perform a rutinary discipline session. Instead, she is going to challenge her slave with a very fair Pain Test.He must kneel in front of the Goddess and must take 10 lashes of her white snakewhip without moving an inch. If the slave moves or falls… She will start over again. And she will give him 3 chances to complete the challenge. If the slave fails after the 3 oportunity, she is going to sell him on an auction. If he takes the 10 lashes like a brave slave, he will stay in the farm as her slave.I must admit that just the look at her magnificent body wrapped in those skintight brown breeches is something that can make you feel weak in your knees!The clip includes some exquisite Trampling on Riding boots which will please all the riding boots lovers outthere.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 9:42
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