One day came a stunning teacher to pupil school Akakura. "I need your help, Wataru." - She said - "Immediately take off your clothes!" - Aoi in his voice there was no doubt and it notes clearly not joking. She explained that in fact it is a secret agent of the organization "Cradle". They are fighting for some time with "4D" and without the assistance of Wataru they do not win. How they can help ordinary schoolboy? Everything is very simple! First, he needs to accumulate energy. As it accumulate? Elementary! We need to engage in improper conduct with the opposite sex. And then what, you ask? Like what?! Zhahnut charge the enemy of love! Here the volunteers arrived. His friend Honoka, Ermalit a girl from the future of the world and the last of the baby Chitose gladly agreed to help his homeland. All Vatamaru now not wriggle. However, all this style company knows about something indecent in theory. Begin fun days.

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