The protagonist Soeytari Yukito was looking for a summer job part-time, by chance he saw a magazine with ads from one ad for a job with a really good salary. He quickly contacted the employer and found out that the place is not yet occupied, he quickly agrees. Job is to be a servant in the mansion.
He arrived on the first day of its operation. Upon arrival at the house located deep in the mountains, he was surprised by the size of the garden and a luxurious building itself ... all in line richest of the rich. Beautiful mistress of the mansion and its equally beautiful came out to meet him. However, on the day his expectations turned into despair bewilderment and then.
By the time he found out the reason for higher wages, which he offered to work for a simple wizard, it was too late ... the work that was waiting for him, was only a common name raznorobochego. He joined several other servants at the disposal of the mistress of the mansion, which employ a pleasing every perverted whim of her odd family.
The servants and the man and woman were unable to escape from the house, to continually take part in endless games of bizarre and insane family adventures. Can Yukito ever have to escape from the house alive, or.?

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