Release Year: 2016
Studio: Femaleworship
Cast: Ash, Bobbi, Britney, Elsa, Hope, Kat, Kate, Cassidy
Genres: FemDom, Female Worship,Pussy Licking

-- Aww, Hope and her man look all adorable on the bean bag. It's like they are snuggle buddies with her on top, groping and kissing her man as she sees fit.
-- Britney is resting on the couch with her man nearby who is watching tv. But how can he watch tv with such a beautiful ass tormenting him from his peripheral vision. He can't resist pleasing his lady so he puts tv aside and licks between her plump ass cheeks.
-- Sometimes it seems like the dining room table is more often host to a pussy buffet than a food buffet. But that's fine by Kate who loves being orally adored, and fine by her man who lives to serve and please her.
-- Kat's man loves pleasing her. Whether it's her feet, pussy, ass doesn't matter as his pleasure is orally adoring his female. So while Kat is just relaxing on the couch texting her friends, it's no surprise that he comes around and licks deep between her ass cheeks.
-- Cassidy doesn't care what her man is doing with his tongue right now, because whatever it is it's perfect. It makes her glad she temporarily had him put his chores aside to orally service her.
-- Looks like Elsa wants to snuggle, which to her means kissing and groping him as she sees fit. He loves being used this way and will return the favor, pleasuring her with his fingers while she enjoys him.
-- Britney loves her men to be nude when performing chores around the house. That way she can grope him as her whims desire, and give him a brief break so he can orally service her.
-- Ash loves to make her man wait for pussy while she uses her vibrator. But she won't make him wait too long because after all, she wants his mouth down there working away as much as he does.
-- Reading her magazine is more fun with a man licking between her legs. So Bobbi summons her male over to kneel and lick, then sends him away once she is orally satiated.

Total size: 1.0 GB in 9 files.