Release Year: 2012
Studio: Third World Media
Cast: Kartoon, Parkky.
Genres: Teen, All Sex

Little Asian Transsexuals are not necessarily as little as they once were. When this long running series started, Lady boys were smaller and less equipped for the challenges todays Asian she male faces. Unsuspecting foreign men with virgin asses, flock to Thailand for a chance at getting their bungs deflowered by a Ladyboy with a solid, cum spurting Thai asparagus shaft between her legs.

Kartoon may have a funny sounding name, but this Ladyboy is no joking matter. She has long dark hair and pretty Asian Eyes with flowing eyelashes. She is young with braces in her mouth, long legs, zero fat body, puffy lips, flat chest and a sideways swaying, foreskin coated Thai banana growing between her thighs. She likes white men and Allen is on her menu tonight. Allen pulls down her panties and releases her hair lined, brown baton. He licks and spits on it, sucks it up and down and feeds her some of his. They kiss dick tips and do some mutual foreskin stretching exercises, before Allen splits her skinny legs and crams her Bangkok butt cheeks chock full of Aussie beef. Her Thai ant eater awakens as the pace quickens, and it is healthy enough to regurgitate a large, thick, creamy batch of extract. She kneels down and sucks away to earn herself a foreign born batch of jizm across her baby face. She showers and washes all the cum away.

Noon has short hair and a baby face. She has a little extra meat on her bones compared to the average Thai chick, but that works well on giving her a chubby ass for lots of anal romping. Her cock and nuts are both completely hairless, and her shit box liner is pink in color. Her pierced tongue is proficient at knobbing cock and her skinny long, foreskin blanketed floppy dong, is just the right size for Allen to fondle with his mouth. His fat headed cock swallows hers up, as they kiss tips and his own foreskin blankets her tip and sucks it up inside his. Her ass foams as it lands his foreign object deep inside and works it in, out and all around her deep bowels. A clear liquid eruption shoots from her tiny tip, as Allen prepares to coat her mouth and face. He shoots across her head, into her hair and all around her mouth. She showers clean, packs away her reptile and heads back out to work.

Parky has bleached blonde hair and large lactating tranny tits. She is tall with long legs, long hair and a long floppy Siam shlong with a fat set of nuts. Her elephant tip and Allens pink tipped lizard become good friends, as they fuck each other, before Allen takes a stab at fucking her fleshy ball bag too. He busts her anal seal and rides her Bangkok bunghole northbound to Chiang Mai. She stops along the journey to drop off a heavy load of thick cream, which pools in her hands before Allen uses it as natural lubrication to spank one off and coat her from top to bottom with cum. She spends a little extra time in the shower finding extra cum clumps to wash away.

Cream has a great name for a Little Asian Transsexual. She has a baby face, with long dark hair and ginourmous tits that are filled with creamy lactate, which extracts with relatively little effort. Between her legs, Cream is blessed with a larger than average Thai elephant trunk, that stiffens with minimal stimulation. Her penis is no smaller than Allens imported model and no less stiff as well. They cock dock and kiss tips, before Allen works hard to swallow her pole and she works hard to loosen up her bung for a wild ride on a foreign pony. Precum fills her foreskin walls, as Allen pumps her anus and she strokes away at her own shaft. its not long before a little tickle on her ball bag manages to muster up a semi clear mess all over her own belly. Allen uses Creams cream for himself and splatters her bosom with a healthy load. She takes a bath and watches all the sperm swim away.

Format: mp4
Duration: 2:37:24
Video: 960x540, AVC (H.264), 1568kbps
Audio: 100kbps

File size: 1.9 GB