Introducing two new things to the scene tonight - my new 6' strappy heels sent to me by one of our long time members, and the new frame that was built last weekend. Martin started by having me stand in my super high heels while I was noosed to the top beam and gave me the works. While being held up by the noose around my neck and the dainty heels I was standing on, Martin gags my mouth with a nice big ball, ties my elbow behind my back, then adds nipple clamps for added discomfort. It's a little hard to stand up straight with everything that's going on, then to make matters worse, Martin sprays me down with a mixture of water and a million ice chips. Now the struggle becomes my soaking wet feet causing my full body weight to shift into my heels, making it even harder to stand. How wax is then dripped onto my clamped nipples, I'm sprayed down another round, and a vibrator is placed inside my panties to tease me while I play this game.

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