Release Year: 2015
Studio: MissaX
Cast: Happiness in Slavery

Pizza boy is sadistically made into slavery where his cock will be milked over and over. made: creampies, face sitting, kissing, impregnation fantasy
"Make us cum or else.."
The pizza boy, JD, rings the doorbell. Arianne rushes to hide behind the door, her voice is hushed but hurried, "here he is..hurry!" Brianne opens the door in a sheer fishnet bodysuit, JD's jaw drops. He says awestruck, "I.. uh... have your large pie, extra pineapple." Arianne's eyes wide, she puts her hands over her mouth to keep her excited giggle from being heard. Brianne brushes off her annoyance with her overly ambitious friend and continues their plan of action, "Oh! Silly me.. I forgot the money in my purse. Come on in."
JD can't wait to cross over the threshold into her house, his eyes gawk at her apple butt as she turns to walk up the stairs. The door closes and Arianne comes in for the knock down. The scene is unspeakable!
Brianne is annoyed with her sweet, sadistic girlfriend. They have to figure a way to get his limp body up the stairs. They huff and pull the muscular young man up the stairs, "how are we going to get his dick hard now?" Arianne sheepishly apologizes, "sowwy... I just got a little carried away."
The girls tie him to the bed when he wakes up in a groggy state. Brianne tells him the plan, "you give us your seed, BOTH of us, and we let you see another day." Arianne tells him the truth in much more blatant terms. Brianne hushes Arianne, "don't scare the boy, we need his cock hard. Check the size.. is it adequate?" Arianne grabs his cock and rubs the thick shaft up and down, it's already hard, "mmmm," she says. Brianne tells the boy, "she likes it, you're a lucky boy."
Arianne is the first to drain him. She rides his cock after they tease him with a blow job. "Look at his face," Brianne tells her, "he was born a submissive." Brianne him to cum in Arianne, in a way that should not be described in words. Arianne catches her breath and Brianne cuts his ties. Arianne tells the exhausted boy, "I know how she likes it.. we'll cut you loose, and I know you won't run." the boy sees in horror that he has no choice but to do as the sadistic girls instruct. He will fuck them, he will pump them full of cum. The girls demand to be impregnated, and he will be captive until they are both carrying his baby. Arianne puts a heavy-duty collar around his neck and grasps it at the base, she purrs, "pump her, in and out, you're our dick, our milking boy, fuck her tight little pussy." He cums inside of her. Brianne trembles in rapture. Arianne and Brianne tie him up. He'll be ready to be milked again in an hour.

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