Martin is finally feeling better and our days are going back to routine. The past weekend in the bedroom, I was hogtied on the bed and it wasn't anything Martin has never done, but I loved it so much, I asked for it again. So on Monday, I purposely wore an outfit all day in the office that was appropriate for the tie. I knew I wanted to my feet tied and more so, especially with nylons on. I had a pair of denim short shorts, nude pantyhose, and a sexy bra. I waited until Martin came home, told him what I was craving, and got straight to business. When he asked me to get in position, I was more than sexually willing. Immediately, I got on my knees with my back towards him, giving him my arms and wrists. Elbows tied, big ball gag jammed in my mouth, and rope around my neck so tight that I could hardly breathe.

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