The buxom blonde, Skylar Madisonís scheming ways have finally caught up with her. She finds herself in a gorgeous hotel suite in the Caribbean all because she told a business man sheís interested in partnering with his company. The problem.. she doesnít have any intentions of partnering up with him. After settling in, her so called, Ďpartnerí informs her theyíve setup a special surprise in her honor. Within moments thereís a knock at her door and the fire hot, Lauren Phillips is at the door. Once inside she explains that Skylarís in for a special massage and with that, Lauren begins stripping off her clothes. Skylar, at a loss for words, runs to the bathroom contemplating what to do next. She let her business partner know that sheís a lesbian, so she must make a decision. Sheíll either strip off her clothes and have wild lesbian sex with this hot babe or sheíll get on a one way ticket back home, at her own expense. Her clothes were practically taking themselves off, as she goes out to meet Lauren. The massage begins with both women laying on the bed. Lauren straddles Skylar as she pours oil down her back. It only takes a few moments before Laurenís hands move further down her back rubbing Skylarís bootylicious ass. As they both begin talking about their lesbian conquests, Skylar finds herself getting very turned on, turning over to lie on her back so Lauren can straddle her in front, while massaging her big beautiful breasts. Skylar can feel her pussy getting wet, as she looks up at Lauren massaging her hard nipples. Lauren decides itís time to taste Skylarís tight pussy, which brings Skylar to find herself having the most intense orgasm. Not realizing how much she would like it, Lauren shows her another lesbian position sheís bound to appreciate. Still on top, Lauren rubs her wet pussy onto Skylarís so they can experience a hot lesbian orgasm, both at the same time!

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