Steeve is not used to ballbusting but he'd really love to try. For a long time, his secret dream is to be ballbusted by Demonia. The adorable little pest is going to make his dream come true, her shoes begin to kick the testicles through the boxer shorts to test their resistance, "take your underpants off!", Steeve obeys his young Mistress and takes them off to show his nice balls who want to be ballbusted. Demonia wants it too but her own way: she's now barefoot and alternates between strokes and violent kicks, she enjoys playing with her slave's balls, "it hurts Mistress!", yes it does and you're going to feel the supreme pleasure in the pain.

Steeve continues his ballbusting training in an atmosphere of joy and good humour (especially for his Mistress), since he has no experience in balls destruction, this hefty Black takes the kicks without absorption. He cries and writhes in pain, Demonia gives him some whacks and takes the piss out of him when he stops the shooting. Finally, a great tribute to Demonia's feet. But the Goddess is not ungrateful, she gives her 37 (4.5) size feet to worship and to lick, at least, this wimp will be able to do it.

Total size: 1.0 GB in 2 files.