When Paige gets a phone call from her good friend CJ regarding his new invention she tells him to come right over. CJ then explains to Paige that he has created a microchip named the SlaveMaker 20-07. When placed under the skin in the back of one's neck it makes the subject completely submissive. CJ offers it to Paige to try on any participant. Paige is intrigued and would like to test the SlaveMaker 20-07 on her uptight neighbor Natalie. CJ captures Natalie and brings her to Paige to test the microchip. CJ secures Natalie with string and Paige makes the injection. Seconds after the injection is made Natalie no longer struggles. They untie her and ungag her. Paige tells Natalie to strip and she does so. Paige then tells her to do a sexy dance; Natalie does this as well. Paige orders Natalie to crawl on her knees and bring Paige a glass of water; Natalie does this too. So far the SlaveMaker 20-07 appears to be a great success! Although the microchip starts out in perfect working order, a flaw is soon discovered. Paige is then faced with the dilemma of what to do with Natalie now that the chip is no longer working. Paige decides to take care of things the old fashioned way!

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