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    23 Mar 2005

    Twistys - Brynne - Creamed Mouthful - 135x

    I've done searches for this set, scouring Twisty indexes etc., and nothing. So, here goes. Man, lots of chemistry here! Lots of eye contact! Brynne looks extra soft and her breasts are quite unique.

    Quality is down from the current Twistys fare though. I've kept this in the hardcore section and decided against putting it in Fetish. True, there's definitely some footplay here, but knowing all too well how some foot guys get totally revolted by the sight of the bare male foot, I didn't want to tempt them into this thread and have them actually see the gal nibbling on male toes. :r Personally I don't mind. I've had the pleasure myself and it feels good. 8)

    This is one of my favorite boy/girl sets of all time. I especially like the flood of ejaculate (is it all real?) floating in the water towards the end of the set. Only thing lacking was the guy going down big time on Brynne's toes. |

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