Release Year: 2016
Cast: Mistress Ezada Sinn
Genres: Chastity, Femdom, Ruined orgasms
Video language: English

I keep My slaves in chastity most of the time, that's the way things are. Their pricks belong in the chastity cage, and I only let them out when I want to milk them. Like this one today; he has been locked for two weeks already, and now I will give him a release, just for his health. But not before I tease him with My curvy body, dressed in a short, tight dress, until his prick becomes hard and very painful in the small chastity cage, pulling on his poor swollen balls. I can see the slave looking at My ass in the mirror, tied up on the bondage bed this is all he can do. I know he dreams of My ass and My pussy, so I make things even more arousing for him: I take off My panties and stuff them in hos mouth. I can literally see the tension in the chastity cage rising, his prick trying to break it and get free.
I take the chastity device off and start playing with My long red nails on the rock hard prick and on the balls. He likes it, I can see, but when I stick a sharp nail down his pee-hole he suddenly becomes very tense, afraid that in one move I can cause him a lot of pain. I'm not going to cause him pain right now, I will just tease and edge him before I let him cum.
At some moment, I realize there is a hand on My thighs! The slave got so carried away, that he thought he can feel Me up! Next time I will know to tie him better, but for now a couple of hard slaps on his swollen sensitive balls will teach him to keep his hands away from Me.
In this state of arousal even pain in the balls can't make his prick any softer, so I continue teasing him, rubbing his prick, keeping him on the edge until he can think of nothing else but an orgasm. I know he dreams of a happy ending, but he doesn't deserve one, so when I finally decide that he can cum, I cover his pee-hole with My thumb, stopping the flow of sperm, and the pleasure with it. I only release it when the convulsions of the cock are over, letting the cum ooze out while he watches with frustration. Slaves deserve no more than that.

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