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    BodyInMind - Nikkala Stott - White - 48x

    Stunning Nikkala !

    Nikkala Stott - White - 48 pics

    Photos by Chris Rout, res. 1800 pixels.

    Click On - Complete Nikkala Stott sets Collection at BodyInMind :

    7 sets

    Beauty is all but forgotten today. Young starlets are rated according to how 'hot' or sexy they are, not how beautiful. 'Beauty' contests are committing suicide by becoming scholarship programs and politically correct farses. And in our own lives the beauty of women is considered an irrelevant luxury, or else, perversely, the possession of ugly women. That's why Body in Mind creates series like 'White' starring Nikkala Stott. It's our way of showing what our world could be like if beauty was considered important, valuable, and good, and if the women who possessed it felt free to express it in open, non-sexual, and even intimate settings. This is our idea of beauty. And hopefully, yours too.
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