It's such a deep emotion isn't it, it fills you up, bubbling up inside you. It's just begging to overflow and erupt. Shame is something that you can't fight, that you can't escape, it's there every time you watch a clip of mine, its there when you hand over your cash to me instead of your wife, it's creeping up on you from all angles, ready and waiting to overtake you. And who is the harbinger of such a cruel emotion? Your goddess of course, the shame becomes tinged with pleasure, the pleasure rising as you stroke for me, as you lose control over my body. Then comes the climax, the incredible throbbing orgasm where the world dissapears, and then shame yet again, creeping back in. Until next time where you can stroke and forget everything for a while. So, loser, let's forget about that shame for a while, stroke for my body, my beauty, and afterwards, when the shame comes rushing back, know that I am your only savior from this lonely emotion. A cruel circle with no end in sight.

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