Release Year: 2016
Cast: Linda (aka Sabina Moore)
Genres: Femdom, Cuckold, Cunnilingus, All Sex, Blowjob, Humilating, Stockings

They first all nice,
Kind, naive, romantic.
Their disadvantages are not visible,
The sins and weaknesses - are secondary.

How to win back the wedding march,
To the sounds of Mendelssohn's violin.
The wife of the husband turns stuffing,
Not heeding plaintive moan.

Where romance is gone?
Where did this affection?
What kind of life is now come,
What draws the inevitable collapse.

All the fault of everyday life,
Love any cools.
The problems, quarrels, he is buried,
But only so much stinks.

Now its not you recognize,
The one that gave the star and the rose.
After all, in their pocket not zapihn?sh,
And do not spend it on dreams.

Do not buy a white Cadillac,
Cottage does not build huge.
"What you're my husband - asshole,
Loshara ... and in life - the dark! "

"Why would I have gone with you?
After all, I deserve - more.
Another impression is better to give,
And more beautiful life lasted longer "

"And yet, what do I say nothing?
For a long time you become horny.
I have money, I want a big dick,
All what you were not rich. "

"Right now, I'll call him,
And he come running at the moment skipping.
You prepare me to him,
Until I read the book. "

Moral of the story says,
You will be carefully selected.
With whom will you bind life,
And honor not his substitute.

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Duration: 15:50
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