You think it's easy being a girl? You think that because every cock walking by wants you it's easy? Every try to walk in 4 inch pumps? It's not easy, and these guys are about to learn. Samantha Sin dresses Les Moore up for a stroll on the town - then reams his ass with a strap on like a sailor on the poop deck. Kylee Reese is sick of having her panties go missing - so when she finds the perv who takes them, she dolls him up, shaves his ass - and slams it in with her strap on. Cassandra Cruz is sick of the paparazzi sneaking around, so she finds one in her bushes, pretties him up like a slut - and takes him out to pump gas before she pumps his ass. Yeah, it ain't so easy being pretty is it?

Total size: 1.4 GB in 10 files.