Release Year: 2016
Genres: Bondage, Domination, Fetish, Sex Toy Play, Strap-Ons
Video language: English

I had just come back from a run, I was a little sweaty and very badly needing to do some stretching. My Hip flexors were tight and my quads could have used a massage. Forest always a willing participant in my stretches decided to help out. He helped me stretch for sure but then decided I also needed to do some ab workouts. He tied my ankles and my upper thighs very tightly, with my legs straight out in front of me. Then he tied wrists and upper arms behind my back. Sitting in this simple position with my legs out in front, not able to rest comfortably, my abs started working in overtime. He left me like that for awhile to make sure my reps got in. Then he snuck in a tight crotch rope and attached it to my upper body. Now in this simple sit the crotch rope was fine, but the minute he rolled me on my stomach the crotch rope tightened very tightly, digging in further to my tight running shorts. He wanted me to exercise my jaw and practice my breathing, the infamous red ball gag went in. From here he wanted me to do some more stretching so he bent my knees up to my chest and secured them, and then bent my feet back towards my butt. So now I was this perfect little ball of bondage. Because Forest thinks he is so very smart and cunning, he took my sweaty smelly sock and stuck underneath the gag right over my nose. I was not pleased with this choice at all. I tried to pull it out but no such luck. I might have to start rethinking letting Forest help me stretch

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