Sometimes I can't help myself and I need to feel sexy and need Forest to know that that's how I'm feeling. I put on a pair of pantyhose and asked him to grab the camera. I needed to be captured in my moment of feeling sexy. Which Forest always does so well. After I posed and got my sexy out he asked if he could contribute to me feeling sexy, obviously I said yes! He tied an anchor rope tightly around my waist and added a secure crotch rope. He asked me to sit in front of the treadmill, thank god he didn't ask me to run on it! I would have objected..... but he simply asked me to sit cross legged in front of the treadmill. He gently but effectively tied my ankles together and attached it to my crotch rope. Then tied my wrists but left an extremely long rope at the end. Yanking my arms upward with the extra rope he tied it to somewhere on the other side of the treadmill. I protested a bit but then realized with every pull the treadmill moved.

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