Genres: BDSM

We made this hottie even hotter by dripping candle wax on her body and feet.
Winching her up to her toes, the short shift pulling up as she is stretched revealing a shaven cunt. Blindfolding is always a nice technique, and she is made to hold her top in her teeth so it keeps her totally exposed. In no hurry, he slaps her gently, perhaps giving her a sense of false security. I hope she knows better.
She finds out quickly as the cat is brought to her back. Her teeth holding a dowel, her wrists bound to her neck. She is made to bend over a pipe as her bottom is whipped and fondled. She holds weights in her hands until her muscles scream, then he turns his attention to her cunt. What can she be thinking as she smiles softly
She smiles naively at his whistling. She doesnt really grasp the seriousness of her plight. r little thing.

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