Genres: BDSM

Nice combo. Her ass cheeks show clear signs of whipping. But the vibrator cures all ills.
Lots of tats on this fine lady. She feels the stroke of the week on her bottom and then as it licks between her legs. She jumps and cries out as the strands of the cat penetrate her ass and pussy. She gasps in pain. Nicely marked.
To hold a dildo in her mouth, she takes a whipping at the same time. Pain and pleasure together. Now that is a combination she can wrap her legs around. Tied spread-eagled to the floor she takes the cane in her most sensitive places. Canes leave marks better than other devices. This tattooed honey will remember us every time she sits for a long time.
Holler for me, honey. That is why we left you ungagged. Feel the bite of my whip. Okay, you have earned this. Take this vibrator on your clit. We arent inhuman. Have an orgasm on us. Grind that cunt into our device. We have had our fun. Now it is your turn.

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