Three slaves are in the same large cage, scared and watching through the bars as Paris and Jean stare stand just outside, stroking their large black cocks. The women grin as they stroke, having just plotted the destruction of the three men, by being plowed by their superior femdom cocks. Two slaves are bent over the cage as one slave is left inside to listen and watch as the women viciously fuck the two other slaves deep and hard with their cocks. Deeper and deeper and harder and faster the women go, laughing and smiling as the slaves scream and cry. The slave left in the cage is next and he is too bent over the cage and destroyed by Paris. No hole is safe as the women make sure they fuck their mouths afterwards so the slaves can have the humiliation of tasting their own asses. If only they weren’t caught chatting with each other while doing yard work. If only they had been more careful. Or maybe they weren’t caught at all…and this is what the Mistresses wanted to do anyway. They will never know. They only know that they must obey.

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