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    10 May 2016

    BDSM Unforgettable - Mei Mara

    Genres: BDSM, Bondage, Humiliation, Torture
    Video language: English

    Cute, petite little Mei proves without a doubt that she's both a pain and bondage slut. What starts as a simple Japanese torso tie becomes an exciting single ankle suspension. Alternating between kissing PD and taking a beating on her ass and thighs, Mei comes almost as soon as the vibrator touches her clit. Follow that up with extended confinement and another fantastic bondage scene leaving Mei hanging from a post while in strappado. With raised welts on her thighs from a caning, Mei comes again. PD and Mei, both in excellent form, strike a perfect balance to create an unforgettable BDSM experience.

    Format: real
    Duration: 44:48
    Video: 640x480, RV40
    Audio: 94kbps

    File size: 144.6 MB

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