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I'm doing some spring cleaning when I turn around so see my boy watching me. I'm filled with excitement which is soon crushed because I see a glimpse of sadness on his face. My poor baby, I love him so much and I can't see him down like this. "What's wrong baby? Can Mommy help?" He complains to be how his girlfriend cheated on him and wants to break up. I new she was bad news from the start. Of all the women he's been with, I know he can do better. Who knows better than me, right? "Baby don't be sad, I'll take care of you. You know those women can't make you feel like I do. They can't take care of you baby. Come here, I'll make it better," I go closer and give him a hug. I begin to play with tits and gauge his reaction. Soon my boy's dick is as hard as a rock. "Mommy can do it better, baby," I slide his dick into my mouth, I'm surprise at how well endowed he is, better than my husband's. I did a good job! I strip for my boy and tell him I'll teach him how a girl is supposed to treat him. I know best, woman knows best, and I fully intend on making my boy the happiest he's ever been. And happy he is as he slides his cock deep inside of my pussy. It feels so good and I'm happy it's finally happening, I finally get to feel him inside of me. My boy'd dick is so much better than my husbands and I savor the feeling for as long as I can. I drop to my knees, "Cum for Mommy, baby, cum in my mouth. I want to taste your cum". He shoots his load in my mouth and I savor my boy's delicious sperm. "Mmm now wash up baby, and never forget, Mommy will ALWAYS take care of her baby"

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