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It's been such a long day and I can't think of anything better to do than to cum. I start to touch then finger myself when suddenly my boy comes in and I'm a little flustered. Of course I stop and apologize, but then I get to thinking something I've been pondering for a while. "Come here my baby, I have a proposition. I know you hear your man and I having sex all the time, and honestly, I've been craving a younger hotter version of him and well, here you are". I ask my boy when the last time he's had sex, his answer was surprising, "Oh no honey, you need it more than that. My baby deserves better! Come here, Mommy will show you how great sex can be and maybe what you learn will get you laid more. Plus you'll be helping me get what I've been craving. You want to help Mommy don't you?" He nods his head although I didn't need confirmation as his dick was already bulging out of his pants. I'm shocked at how big my sons cock is and I'm so excited that I've decided to go through with this. I can't wait to feel my sweet boy deep inside of me.

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