Aphrodites Punishment: Mistress Aphrodite not sure if you guys remember her from The Punished Pledge by Strict women. She was the brunette with the high voice. Well I waited and now I finally got the chance to spank her. This is real no real warm up at all. Juliannas Punishment: This was a custom clip that was requested by a young man who desperately wanted this young lady to learn a lesson. This is a real spanking no real warm at all right to the bare bottom. Juliana was never spanked before, she was surprised at how much it hurts. Black and Blue Blond:
Ariels husband has had enough with her behavior. He is tired of her not taking care of the house, her responsibilities and her nasty attitude. He has tried in the past to spank her but it has not been successful so he decided to e-mail me for some help. After I finish with her she is sobbing and crying promising to change her attitude and take care of her responsibilities.Real tears.

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