Cunning catsuit burglar Carleyelle is at it again, armed with duct tape and breaking into innocent girls homes to steal their valuables. Today Carley is looking for jewellery at a huge house when she finds the owner Jet Black in the bedroom upstairs. Jet think she is home alone until Carley jumps her with a tight and powerful handgag from behind. Jet screams in surprise for being overpowered and handgagged by the masked female burglar who instantly demands to know where she keep her diamonds. Jet says she don't have anything and soon she finds herself getting duct taped to her golden stripper pole by the catsuit burglar in her own bedroom. Carley means serious business and tapes Jet up tight for further interrogation but Jet keeps saying that she don't have any valuables. Carley ruthlessly tape gags Jet with 5 long pieces of duct tape and resumes taping her to the pole, this time even tighter.

Format: mp4
Duration: 15:13
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