Cast: Daniela
Genres: Pov, Blowjob, Glove Fetish, Stockings
Video language: English

when a woman wears black high heel shoes, black stockings, black panties, a black bra, long black satin gloves above her elbows, and dangling earrings, you know she is attending a formal affair... she will enjoy some appetizer, something special to eat with exquisite taste, and a special desert presentation... tonight, her formal affair is to give you a blowjob... her appetizer will be your precum, her main course will be your rigid, pulsating cock, and her desert presentation will be her sexy black satiny hands drenched in an extra-large helping of a sweet cream sauce - your semen... (no cumshot in part a) Daniela slides her shiny black satin covered hands along your firm erection... immediately upon her first touch, you fell your precum slipping out... all you could think about was serving Daniela with the sweet cream sauce for her desert... by the way she was looking you straight in your eyes as her creamy pink lips parted to accept your cocktip, you knew she was going to have a large serving of cream Sauce... as Daniela continuously licked the rim of your cockhead, she slid her smooth black satin covered fingers up and down your throbbing cock... each time her fingers moved up your cock, you could feel your hot fluids within rising up with them... suddenly an overwhelming feeling of pulsating hot liquid rushed from deep inside you up and out your cock... squirting, spurting, and flowing out all over Danielas shiny black satin gloves...

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