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    JustTeenSite - Trixion - Effect - 70x

    Trixiom in "Effect"

    Trixom, Age: 23, Hair Color: Blond, Country: Ukraine Interview:
    Her name is Trixiom, and she is as sexy as they come. A skinny, stunning 23 year old from Ukraine, she is every man's dream of an elegant, young, and beautiful. Read on to hear some of her secrets!
    Q: So the first question is how did you get into nude modeling?
    A: I don't consider myself a nude model. I just saw the ad for JustTeenSite and after looking at the site I felt it was for me. I have never done such things before, but it seemed like time. I am of age now, and I am not such a fearful child anymore. It was fun, too!
    Q: For someone who's doing it for the first time, you seem like a real professional!
    A: I have been a dancer most of my life, and I found modeling very much like dancing. You move and strike a pose and try to look your best. That was easy. The hard part was taking my clothes off in a sexy way!
    Q: It might have been hard, but you made it look easy and hot!
    A: Thank you.
    Q: What do you do for a living?
    A: I am a waitress in a club.
    Q: You don't dance in the clubs?
    A: No, but I am thinking of doing it. Dance for me has always been art, and I am a little afraid of making it into my job, especially if it is nude dancing.
    Q: We think you'd be wonderful at it!
    A: Yes, but will it be wonderful for me? Being a nude dancer can be a hard life. The men are always after you and they think you are dirty girl, even though you are nice. It can be very difficult to separate work and pleasure.
    Q: Yes, that seems like a difficulty. So if you don't become a nude dancer, are you going to be a cocktail waitress all your life?
    A: No, I hope to be a professional modern dancer, at least through my 20's. I am in a troupe and we dance very often, and I make some money at it. But I will need to be accepted into one of the famous companies in order to make a living. I am working hard and have hope.
    Q: So, since JustTeenSite is a nude girls site that offers its members sexy photos of its models, would you mind talking to us a little about your sex life? What turns you on? What you like to do in bed? Etc.?
    A: I do not know what I do in bed because I have never been with a man. I am very traditional girl.
    Q: Ah! So, what kind of man are you waiting for?
    A: Someone who my father agrees is a good husband. Hard working and kind and funny and very loving.
    Q: For a woman as beautiful as you, that shouldn't be hard to find!
    A: With luck I will find him 
    Q: So if you haven't ever had sex, have you ever felt pleasure from yourself?
    A: Yes, of course. I am not a nun!
    Q: We're thankful for that!
    A: Maybe my next photo series for JustTeenSite could show you what you want to see 
    Q: O, boy! Now you're talking! Anything else to share with our members before we say goodbye?
    A: Remember as you look at my photos that I also have a soul that needs to be nurtured.

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    Hard to believe her as a virgin as she did hardcore on some other sites ! But great shapes, THX Indy ! ^O^
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    Quote Originally Posted by banzai
    Hard to believe her as a virgin as she did hardcore on some other sites ! But great shapes, THX Indy ! ^O^
    Oh, baby!!!!

    Hardcore Virgin, just my type!!! :Y :Y :Y

    BIG THX Indy for posting

    Don't believe everything you think !!!!!!

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