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    247,211 Liona - Lovely Liona 500 Photos - 1920px | Aug 29, 2013

    This Saturday morning wasn't like many others. When Liona woke up bushy tailed and horny, she decided to go downstairs in nothing but a white see-through leotard. She confronted her man doing his regular morning workouts and decided she'd try and engage him in a different kind of a workout. Liona looked on with a nipple out and her pussy half-exposed, as he pumped iron. It didn't take much effort for him to drop what he was doing to tend to Liona. She gave him a slow BJ until he was good and hard, and he turned her around to return the favor by licking her pussy in 69. After she was good and wet, he entered her and gave Liona the best stroking of her life. She did him one better and climbed on top of his cock to ride him hard until he couldn't contain himself any longer. They both came together in this epic finale.

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