Release Year: 2016
Genres: hentai anime

Valkyrie Suvia is resting and the pink ball extends its that start to her body. Suvia wakes up as enter her mouth. The red ball introduces itself as the King of Hell and binds Suvia and lifts her into the air! It rips off her panties and bra then uses a and inserts it into her pussy. Green slime runs out of her cunt as Suvia is getting r*ped. The cock increases it's girth and bangs her deeper. The ball wants her to cum and Suvia can't hold back! Suddenly she wakes up from her dream but notices that her hand is wet and she was masturbating.

Loki is sitting in his bed and the ball appears saying that Flungluni ran away cause he failed getting the key from the Valkyrie Sigurd and is scared. Loki has an idea that will get him both keys from their wombs. Loki has Suvia and a wooden box on a huge dragon that is flying to the city she tried to protect. A crowd has gathered and Loki mentions that Valkyrie Suvia has betrayed this city by trying to join forc*s with Hell. The crowd doesn't like that and calls her a traitor. Loki has her standing in front of the crowed with her breasts and pussy exposed. Using two rings with power, he controls her by making her start to touch herself. Suvia starts to masturbate her pussy as the crowd watches calling her a whore. She's super wet and finger bangs her own cunt. Loki makes her say to the crowd that she wants them to watch her cum. The crowd can't believe what they are seeing as she squirts out pussy juice.

Loki has another plan with the guards of the city standing together in a row. He gave them a potion that makes their virgin cocks super hard and if Suvia doesn't drain them, their balls will continue to grow and catch them! Suvia has to help them and starts to suck each of their huge cocks taking load after load into her mouth. All the guards pop their loads covering Suvia in cum.

Loki asks the crowd if they would like to r*pe her but she won't be alone. The wooden box shatters and Valkyrie Sigurd is inside. There's a pool of cum leaking from her pussy. She gets up walking towards Suvia leaking cum onto the ground and shooting milk out of tits. Suvia can't believe what happened to her Valkyrie friend. Loki announces that Sigurd agreed to have her body modified and a bunch of men walk out grabbing both girls. Two men lift Sigurd and place her on top of a huge man's cock. She goes balls deep and screams as her pussy gets penetrated. Her clit cock grows as she gets fucked in the pussy. Another man has Suvia in a pile driver position and starts to fuck her pussy as she watches Sigurd take two guys cocks in her mouth. Sigurd clit cock bounces up and down as she squirts cum over the fat guys cock. He mentions he won't let her cum just yet and another guy moves behind her and puts his massive cock into her asshole. She squirts milk form her tits as she gets double penetrated! Suvia is being pounded and she starts to cum. Both men shoot off at the same time and cum covers both girls. Loki mentions that these aren't the villagers from the city but monsters. Both girls are laying on the ground covered in sperm and Loki asks if they will give him the keys from their womb. They won't. Tomorrow is the last day of the world...

Format: mkv (Matroska)
Duration: 28:52
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264)
Audio: 187kbps

File size: 550.6 MB