Release Year: 2014
Studio: Tinkle Bell
Genres: Romance, Futanari, Big tits, Anal, Blowjob, Titsjob, Group sex, Visual Novel, the best posts
Video language: Japanese

Rondo Duo, Video, GameRip

As you might know it, Rondo Duo ~Dawn at Fortissimo is a japanese visual novel thatís been released by doujin group Tinkle Bell last Halloween. Plot-wise, it has little to no importance (itís a nukige, so donít expect more than lots of H-scene) but from an artistic perspective, itís very interesting. In fact, Tinkle Bell uses an handmade Flash engine to make everything animated. Whereas rival japanese companies (like Windmill Oasis who introduced it first with Witch Garden back in 2012) primarily uses the ę Emote Ľ system as a light gimmick, this new system does reproduce the illusion of movement pretty well. The art is gorgeous and coherent with the animation, and the sound effect really adds a lot too. In short, the cinematics are great.

Seeing the intro scene of Rondo Duo makes you wonder what itíd be like if visual novel with a real plot used cinematics like that. Of course, Iím not speaking of a full-animated visual novel, it would be expensive as hell for indie creators. Tinkle Bell itself took 6 years to finish their game (it was announced back in 2008) and there was like two or three people working in the team during all that time (I donít think they were working full time on this though). Not bad for a doujin group but you see my point. What Iím really curious to see is a visual novel with ponctual cinematics like that, done only for key scenes. I have the feeling it would add a lot to the experience. Iím sure every visual novel reader had seen moments where static pictures werenít enough to convey the right emotion (like fight scenes or dramatic scenes).

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