Samantha had kept her sexuality a secret her entire life. Although she liked the firm grip of a man’s hand, there was something incredibly alluring about the soft flesh of another woman that really got her juices flowing.

It had started off as the merest hint of curiosity one evening as she watched a porn movie while she masturbated in her bedroom. As she stared at the on screen couple thrusting their naked bodies against each other, she found herself becoming more and more drawn to the female performer’s body. In fact, as the man’s head descended down between the woman’s slender thighs and began to snack on her quivering pussy lips, Sam yearned to take his place with her own tongue lapping between them and flicking the tingling nub of her clit.

The presence of the male porn star suddenly became a hindrance, only getting in the way of what she truly wanted. She kept her feelings hidden away for a while, but then her parents decided to accept a foreign exchange student into their home. Her name was Angela and her glorious golden locks and cute button nose instantly set Sam’s heart aflutter.

From the moment she laid eyes on her, Sam’s mind was filled with a series of increasingly naughty fantasies, from spying on the young girl in the shower to slipping into her bedroom at night. She couldn’t believe her luck, but her sexuality was still a secret she had kept from everyone apart from her best friend, Emma. She knew that acting on her desires could potentially cause her an unbearable amount of embarrassment. She chose instead to keep her feelings to herself and managed to get on with Angela remarkably well for a couple of weeks, considering her lusty affections.

Suppressing it soon proved to be too great a task to manage, though, and one morning after waking up from an intense, steamy sex dream, she finally gave in to temptation. Lying on her bed in her lacy white negligee, her fingers couldn’t resist the magnetic pull of her throbbing clit.

Kelly’s lips formed a pout as she placed down her phone. She couldn’t believe her boyfriend Alan had just told her he’d be working late. Again!

She sighed deeply, staring down at her sexy lingerie and tights she’d worn especially for their date tonight. She’d been planning a night of sweet seduction especially since they hadn’t seen all week thanks to his busy schedule. She wondered if she should change into something sensible and just with the TV.

But then she had a wicked, delicious she just knew would make Alan find his workload less stressful.

Smiling to herself, she rose from the couch and reached for her coat. She wouldn’t even bother wearing anything else over her tempting get-up. She had on her sexy black bra with the purple ribbon trimmings. She’d worn her sexy lace thong over her garters which would make it so easy for the sinful panties to be discarded and they could get freaky with her black tights still on…

Kelly arrived at his office building with an eager smile on her face. She knew exactly where to find him and went up the lift to his floor where he worked as a designer for the Advertising firm. Kelly couldn’t help but grin as she thought of the look on Alan’s face when she would appear. In her hea…

Ever since Hayden had joined his graphic design firm, Adam had felt inescapably drawn to her. He would often catch himself staring across at her desk, watching her as she worked. Nobody could have blamed him, either. Her sensational beauty and petite frame would have driven any red male to distraction and he wasn’t the only man in the office who lusted after her.

However, as her superior at the company, he knew it would be wholly unprofessional to act on his fantasies and was resigned to entertaining his increasingly naughty thoughts in his mind. She wasn’t oblivious to his fondness for her, though, as from the offset he proved himself to be less than subtle in checking out the low neck line of her tops and the perfect cheeks of her ass wiggling behind her as she walked about the office. She even basked in the warm glow of his affections, returning his interest with the odd cute smile or flutter of her eyelashes. The way she ever-so-gently bit the end of her pen drove Adam wild and she knew it. He was sure she was toying with him, especially since she would waft the scent of her perfume his way with a flick of her long, dark hair.

Over the course of a few weeks he slowly came to the conclusion that she shared his secret desires and that realisation sparked a roaring fire inside him that could only be extinguished with the feel of her naked flesh in his hands. He knew she was single and was certain that her flirty manner was more than just her usual playful personality. In fact, the only thing holding him back was the fact that he was her boss. So, he asked her to join him for dinner at his place under the guise of discussing an…

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