Release Year: 2016
Genres: hentai anime

Loki has sent Valkyrie Suvia into a cave with the huge red horned beast, Minmotta! Suvia is getting fucked by his massive cock and is being helped by two massive boar monsters! Suvia tells Minmotta his cock is filthy and needs to pull it out. He moves the on the tip of his cock and Suvia screams. One of the boar monsters cock is leaking precum and he puts it in her mouth. Loki is watching the action from the cave entrance wondering if the key she is holding in her womb will be retrieved. Suvia is getting double pumped by two massive cocks and she wants it to stop. The boar monsters are using their tongues on her breasts. The boar monster is the first to cum right into Suvia's mouth as she creams on Minmotta's massive cock. Minmotta can't hold it and grabs her into his arms then drops her on the floor. A spray of white cum hits Suvia all over her body. Loki asks how she liked being r*ped by the giants. She doesn't care and Loki exits the cave to talk to Flungluni. Flungluni mentions he left Sigurd with his Goblin henchmen and that he will begin her "Flesh Modification" to phase two!

Valkyrie Sigurd is surround by 13 goblins that are her body. Wiping their dicks on her body, licking her face and touching her breasts. One of them sticks his cock into her pussy as another goblin put his cock in her butt. Sigurd's clit cock starts to grow and one of the goblins starts to jack it off. She can't help it but squirts milk out of her breasts into the air and out of her pussy. The goblins want to cum also and squirt loads all over her body covering it in white sticky goo. Flungluni is now in the dungeon and makes his two monsters bind Sigurd and they insert their long cocks into her pussy. Flungluni tells Sigurd that her pussy is now being with another potion that will expand her cunt hole to accommodate huge cocks. A enters her pussy and expands her g-spot that will be sensitive to any touch!! She instantly squirts cum out of her pussy and her nipples shoot out milk. Flungluni is not done yet! He wants to expand her asshole but offers her to say the word pussy but she wont. She's not perverted. Flungluni laughs and enlarges her asshole then sticks needles into her enlarged clit to make it even bigger. Sigurd screams and cums again as her clit grows into a massive clit cock.

Loki is giving Suvia a bath and notices that her breasts have grown bigger. She doesn't like being touched and Loki shows her his hard cock. Loki starts to rub is cock on her tits and she starts to think about fucking his cock. She denies her thoughts but cum is leaking out of pussy. He then uses her mouth as a fuck hole and pushes his cock in. She sucks him off then he says he's about to cum. She tries to say no and he shoves her head down into to his cock as it spurts into her mouth. She moves away with cum flying everywhere and lands on the floor. Loki notices a pool of pussy juice on the floor and Suvia wants to be fucked but he walks away. A glowing pink ball asks him why he didn't fuck her and get the key. He mentions that it's Flungluni that he should be worried about.

Sigurd is now being fucked by a fish monster while Flungluni looks on. He tells her it will stop if she gives him the key. Sigurd screams that she is cumming while the monsters cock fucks her and jacks off her huge clit with it's . The monsters cock expands inside her and moves up inside her body coming out of her mouth! She starts squirting from her pussy and her breasts shoot out milk as Flungluni tells her stop cumming and to give him the key.

Format: mkv (Matroska)
Duration: 26:31
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264)
Audio: 187kbps

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