Studio: Sexuallybroken

Curvy blonde Angel Allwood might be a relative newbie to the industry, but she comes with a skill set to rival the most experienced stars out there-she is a deepthroating champion. Her well trained throat gives testimony to the many hours she has dedicated to perfecting her craft. This angel can suck some serious dick.
Angel might be a cock sucking champion, but even champions meet their match when it comes to the one two punch of a fucking machine and some hardcore throatboarding. Multi-tasking is hard when there is a dick wedged deep down your windpipe while a fucking machine is drilling away furiously at your exposed cunt. Belted down onto a custom made wooden bondage device that keeps her legs spread open wide and her neck held firmly in place, there is no escape for this Angel. All she can do is surrender to the sensation and try and survive.
10 inches of BBC slides down Angels facepussy and she doesnt even blink. It is going to take more then monster dick to phase this cockslut. If giant cock isnt going to get her attention, our handy fucking machine just might do the trick. Sure enough, it does. Angels smooth shaved pussy is extremely responsive. Her moans and shrieks around mouthfuls of dick are delightful to hear. She drools all over her exposed breasts, coating them to a high sheen.
The bondage keeps her in place, there is no way for her to wiggle away. The overload of simulation blasts Angel deeply into subspace. This well trained cockslut is now just a drooling twitching puddle of flesh, a dazed and vacant look in her big blue eyes. This one is a keeper. We will have her back, she is just too much fun to play with.

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Duration: 16:35
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