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Dont let that face fool you. Emma Haize may have the innocent looks of an angel, but behind that angel face lies the kinky heart of a complete harlot. She loves it, she craves it, she keeps coming back for it. She can not control herself. Her cunt betrays her every time. This tiny little thing craves being filled up to the brim with hard cock from every conceivable angle as much as possible. Here at Sexuallybroen we specialize in delivering exactly that. Time to break this whore.
A few lengths of rope and some pipes from the local hardware store is all it takes to completely immobilize Emma. The bondage keeps her at the perfect height for mouth hole access. Her thin limbs are strictly bound and spread. Her big eyes are all the invitation we need. We walk up and introduce her to her new life. The cock owns her face. She surrenders immediately, knowing her true purpose. One cock is replaced by another, 10 hard inches of BBC that reshapes her throat while her big nipples are clamped. This is just the warm up.
Unbinding her legs, we slide her in the bondage until she is standing up. This opens up her pussy for our use. Now both ends are ripe and ready for the drilling. We are going to turn Emma into a slut sandwich as we take her from both sides until her mind melts. The ropes keep her in place, and she can not escape the dick. We stuff her full as she cums hard, uncontrollably. That tiny tight pussy was made for big black cock.
When we are done with her mouth, we gag it up and move on to finish up with the pussy. This innocent looking starlet is in fact an experienced slut, and her well trained cunt milks out her reward. We bred her hard and deep as Emma gasps in painful pleasure. Then we simply walk away, as Emma lists limply in the rope as cum trickles down her thin legs. That is how to sexually break a bitch.

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