Sara Luvv has dragged her reluctant boyfriend, danni, to the office of a relationship counselor. Counselor, Jennifer, opens the door and greets the couple. Danni is led into the office and instructed to kneel on the floor between the two women. Jennifer listens to some of Sara's concerns. Sara lists the problem's she's having with her boyfriend's behavior. Jennifer instructs danni to stand and remove his clothing. Danni follows the counselor's instruction. Jennifer examines the size of Sara's boyfriend's penis. Jennifer explains to danni that he is ill equipped to please Sara. He may feel his penis is average, but in fact, it isn't. Sara will never see danni as a sex partner. He just isn't up to standard. If danni wants his relationship to work, he better find other ways to please Sara. Jennifer feels that the next level of their relationship would be having danni learn to suck Sara's toes. Danni needs to understand that a relationship is about giving. He objects. Danni complains that he has been paying for a lot of Sara's expenses, and she's still been seeing her ex-boyfriend. Jennifer thinks it's great that Sara has been able to maintain amicable relationships with people from her past. Danni objects. He thinks the relationship Sara has with her ex is inappropriate. Danni is talking too much. Jennifer's solution is to teach Sara to place band aids over his mouth. Jennifer explains that a great relationship is all about training. Danni will have to wear band aids on his face from now on. Now that danni has been trained to be quiet, he can actually listen to what his girlfriend has to say

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