Studio: Rodnievision (Rodney Moore)
Cast: Sandy Simmers, Taylor Rain, Vanilla Skye, Ali Kat, Mysti May, Stephanie Wylde, Rodney Moore
Genres: Blowjob, Oral, Cumshots, Gonzo
Video language: English

2006 AVN Award Nominee for Best Oral-Themed Series
Ali and Mysti are listening to Rockin' Rodney perform, and request the Swallowing Song for an encore. Back in his dressing room, they show him how much they enjoyed the song by sucking him, then swapping and swallowing his sperm.
Sandy's plant is in sad shape, so she hires Plant Doctor Rodney to help it. He tells her of his radical new theory about plant's being sexual, and she has a male plant. To help her plant, she must wear sexy lingerie and parade around the house half naked. Rodney shows her how to dance sexy for the plant. But suddenly, he whips out his dick. She's shocked, but he explains that he just noticed the plant is bisexual and needs male visual stimulation too. But wait, now he's discovered the plant is a voyeur and needs to see action to be healthy. Well, since his penis is already out and hard, what better way to stimulate the plant than for her to drop to her knees and suck it! Soon she's swallowing down a big load.
Rodney spots Stephanie talking dirty to herself in the park. Actually she's a phone sex girl, and she's using a wireless headset with her cell phone. While talking, she gets a call from a guy who wants to fantasize about her getting spanked. She asks Rodney if he1ll help her out and spank her while he's on the phone. He's more than happy to help, and soon he's helping himself to her mouth and pussy as well.
Rodney's in a rush, so he wants Taylor to start this scene off by telling you, the audience that there will be no "storyline" in this scene. But she can't get the words out, so Rodney has to feed her her lines. Next he feeds her his cock (you of course, saw that one coming!!) and she sucks furiously at it. She may not be able to speak, but she sure can suck a dick. She swallows a big load pretty good, too.
Rodney hires pillow fluffer Vanilla to fluff his pillows. Turns out she used to be another kind of fluffer, the kind that gave head to male porn stars off camera to help get them hard. But now it seems a little blue pill has taken away her job. She sure misses it. So Rodney helps her to reminisce about the good old days by letting her get on her knees and suck his prick. She's so excited she let's him fuck and swallows his seed.
Rodney spent extra to get a swanky hotel room with a Jacuzzi, but the damn jets don't blow out any air. So he calls maintenance, but they send Alex instead to fix the problem. Her solution? Since Rodney can't get the Jacuzzi jets to blow out any air, she gets on her knees and...well, you can figure out the rest. This nasty ho blows Rodney till he shoots down her throat.

Total size: 1.4 GB in 2 files.