Genres: BDSM

My master wants me to talk about the sexual disgrace he put me through. I'm not sure if I'm even ready to share it with anyone. But I must do what I'm told. He first tied me up with rough rope. He's quite talented with shibari rope tying. He bound my breast and hands tight. Every time I moved it seemed the ropes tightened. He left me waiting in his lair, ball gag deep in my mouth. I never knew when he would arrive. When he finally did he went right to work. He bent me over and pulled my panties off, his fingers instantly in and out of my pussy, using spit as lubricant. I must confess I came twice. Being unable to move or speak was exciting as three fingers opened me up. He propped me on my knees and ripped the gag off my face, plunging his great big thick dick down my throat. I've never deep throat-ed a cock before. Feeling it slide down my esophagus made me gag so much, yet I wanted more. He was so rough. He didn't care how badly I gagged. That's exactly what he wanted. I was ready to take his long dick, but he said I wasn't ready. He hooked up his fucking machine to my pussy as he continued bobbing my head on his dick. When he was satisfied, he left me alone, the machine still pounding my pussy.

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