Genres: BDSM

This slim, brunette slave meekly complies with her masterís wishes. Sheís a model of submission as he binds her tightly with rope, winding the rough twisted fiber around her wrists and chest before moving lower. Heís almost gentle as he rubs her pert tits, restraining her from making any movements of which he does not approve. She sees the other couple come into the room, but her overseer pushes her to the floor and faces her head away so she canít see them pleasure each other as he finishes the roping, leaving her hog-tied and helpless. The couple ignores the bound, and the free woman eagerly licks and sucks wetly on her boyfriendís thick, pulsing shaft. He groans as he comes, spraying his hot jizz all over the back of the bound, degraded slave.

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:26:39
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