Studio: Close-Up Concepts, Darla Crane Superheroines

Story one stars Amber Michaels as American Angel. Shes arrived at wicked Brutalias lair, only to discover that the villainess is nowhere to be found...or so she thinks. Before she knows whats happening, Brutalia has a cloth shoved over her face, and its lights-out for the Angel! When she awakens shes bound on Brutalias bed. Brutalia toys with her, squeezing her big breasts, snipping away her costume and finally, pulling off her mask! American Angel is not as virtuous as it seems, though. A stern whipping on her ass and crotch has her groaning in -- the perfect foreplay to a white-hot vibrator session that s a string of orgasms from her abused body! Story two opens on millionaire heiress Dana Duncan and her Lisa. Lisa is off to a special text book sale but after she leaves, Dana (who is also Dazzle, a superheroine with a transfixing stare) senses that something is amiss...and shes right! Lisa has been lured to an empty house by Sinister Siren, who wants Danas fortune for her own. Will Dazzle be able to save Lisa from the depraved Siren? Or will she too fall into her foes clutches? Features two cloth knockouts, two vibrator scenes and lots of orgasms! Bonus Scenes: Busty Tanya Danielle spends two scenes as National Pride, caught in the ropes of bondage-mad Doctor Video!

Format: avi
Duration: 1:18:59
Video: 320x240, XviD, 772kbps
Audio: 125kbps

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