She has been paired with a stuck-up snob for his science project partner. She's the type that normally won't even look his way, like she's way too good for him. In fact, she hasn't even done any of the work on the project. She just expects him to want to do it for her, to serve her needs and she'll just take the good grade. But things aren't going to go the way she expected. "So what did you come up with, loser? I'm not hanging out with you after school for fun. I could be at the mall right now, so show me what out project is. What's this? It looks like a bike helmet with lights on it? Is our project an unstylish head decoration? No. Make something better...It's a mind altering device? Oh, yeah, right. Sure it is. Bet you tinkered real hard on it in your garage. Ugh...fine, I'll put on your stupid bike helmet if it will shut you up.

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